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You can make text on this website bigger or smaller using your browser.

Internet Explorer: Select the "View" menu, then "Text size".

The text size can sometimes be increased more by disabling the text size in Internet Explorer. From the top menu bar:

Select "Tools" then "Internet Options" Click on the Accessibility button at the bottom of the panel,  make sure the 'Ignore font sizes on web pages' option is ticked, select "OK", then select "OK".

Google Chrome: Press the Ctrl key and the + key at the same time to make text bigger. Press the Ctrl key and the - key at the same time to make text smaller. Or you can change the text size using the browser menus - see instructions on how to do this

Firefox: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom" or "Zoom text only".

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Safari: Select the "View" menu, then "Make text bigger" or "Make text smaller".

Opera: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom".

Screen readers

This website can be read using BrowseAloud and other screen readers such as JAWS.

Accessing PDFs

Many documents on this website are provided as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Adobe Reader is required to read these - this is free software which can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

In most cases, the file size is shown immediately after the link to give an indication of how long the document will take to download.

Current versions of Adobe Reader have a built-in text to speech function which enables PDF documents to be read aloud. Visit the Adobe website for more details.

If you have trouble reading the PDFs on this website you can use a tool such as DocsPal to convert the PDF to a more accessible file format.

My Web My Way

For more information on changing the settings on your computer, browser, keyboard or mouse to make the web more accessible for you, visit the BBC’s My Web My Way website.


Your can view our website in languages other than English using the automated free translation service provided by Google. To do this, please use the dropdown menu at the top of the page to choose the language you'd like to translate the website into. Please note that as this is an automated service it may produce some unreliable translations. If you would like a full translation of any of the information on our website please contact us


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