Local restrictions business support fund

Business Support Fund provided by the Scottish Government and administered by Aberdeen City Council. The fund will provide £1million to support one-off grants to Aberdeen city businesses directly impacted by the local restrictions implemented on 5 August 2020. 

 The general fund is is restricted to hospitality businesses specified in the local lockdown regulations. It operates as a two-tiered scheme, with a smaller grant of £1,000 for businesses with a Rateable Value (RV) of under £51,000 and a larger grant of £1,500 for those businesses with a RV over £51,000.  

At the same time, the Council is inviting applications for the Discretionary Scheme for business premises that have seen a downturn in trade specifically due to restrictions impacting footfall and customer ability to travel to attend appointments or bookings. 

The discretionary scheme is open to any Aberdeen city business which was open through the local lockdown that can demonstrate loss of business as direct result of the restrictions being in place. 

Who is eligible?

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria: 

  • For the General fund you must be a hospitality business premise operating within Aberdeen City local authority area that was forced to close under the local restrictions

  • The discretionary fund is open to businesses operating premises within  Aberdeen City that were not specified to close but saw their trading impacted by the local restrictions 

  • Your business or premises have been forced to temporarily close as a direct result of COVID regulations (lockdown restrictions) applied to Aberdeen City on 5 August 2020 

  • You have a business bank account. This is the account your grant will be paid into if your application is successful 

  • Your business premises is registered for Non-Domestic rates. Businesses that pay rates through their landlords rather than directly to Aberdeen City Council are eligible to apply (evidence to be provided through copy of lease agreement) 

  • Businesses which have breached wider COVID regulations/requirements prior to local restrictions are not eligible to apply 

  • Restrictions must apply to your business for a minimum of 15 days for support to be triggered. 

  • Applications are welcome from Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Trusts and Partnerships provided they meet the other points of criteria. 

Businesses that operate multiple premises can apply for grants for each premise. The maximum any one business can receive will be restricted to £10,000 in total, regardless of the number of premises. 

How to apply

Applicants are encouraged to read the FAQ’s below to check eligibility before completing the application form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Businesses with a Rateable Value (RV) of under £51,000 are eligible for a grant of £1,000.
  • Businesses with a Rateable Value (RV) over £51,000 are eligible for a grant of £1,500. 

You can only apply once per a property.

Yes, businesses that operate multiple premises can apply for a grant for each premise, a separate application must be made for each.

The maximum any one business can receive will be restricted to £10,000 in total, regardless of the number of premises. 

You can find your properties rateable value on your Non-Domestic Rates bill issued by Aberdeen City Council or alternatively you can use the non-domestic rates calculator. It can also be found on website of the Scottish Assessor Association.

Grant recipients will need to declare this as income to HMRC.

 Businesses will be asked to provide documentary evidence of their status and eligibility for the grant. Local authorities will then determine whether they meet the criteria, set out in guidance from the Scottish Government.

You will need to supply:

  • A recent business bank statement which evidences active trading up to the 5th August 2020
  • If your landlord is the named rates bill payer you must provide a copy of your lease agreement to demonstrate you contribute to the rates through your rental payments
  • You will also need to declare you meet the other conditions of criteria
  • Discretionary Fund applications will be required to submit one piece of additional evidence to demonstrate loss of income due to local restrictions i.e. profit and loss accounts, invoices and receipts, details of contracts lost or cancelled booking diaries/ work schedules or cancelled customer bookings

  • The criteria will now include cafe and restaurant businesses premises that were closed but offering a takeaway service. 
  • Hotels providing room service to residents.
  • Companies that are ‘dormant’, ceased trading or in the process of closing down (insolvency/ voluntarily) at this time of application. Your business must be a going concern.

If you are registered with Aberdeen City Council as any of the following food business types you are not eligible:

  • Food manufacturing/processing 
  • Seasonal Slaughter/ Food Packer
  • Staff restaurant / Canteen / Kitchen
  • Importer
  • Catering
  • Wholesale / cash & carry
  • Hospital / Residential home / School
  • Distribution / Warehousing
  • Retailer
  • Private house
  • Farm Shop
  • Movable establishment e.g. ice cream van
  • Food Broker
  • Market
  • Takeaway
  • Seasonal Slaughter

Please note this criteria is for the ‘general’ fund, if this prevents you from applying there will be a discretionary funding being made available to provide support for businesses impacted, but not directly specified in the regulations. 

The Scottish Government local lockdown regs specified the type of business that were required to close. Businesses that closed but were not specified in the regulations or that were impacted can apply under the Discretionary element of the fund.

Food businesses operating from premises  for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises’. e.g. pizza shops, takeaways, kebab shops, fish and chip shops.

Business premises that were not permitted to be open under Phase 3 Scotland’s Route Map as of 5th August 2020. Your business must have been open for trade or in the process of reopening prior to Local Restrictions being introduced.

Applications will be prioritised, and timing will depend on demand. We will aim to process applications and funding within ten working days.

Please note these timescales are for complete applications, including all relevant supporting documentation.  Incomplete applications and missing documentations will extend the timeline.


Yes, if you are not satisfied the decision is correct you can make an appeal though the online form.

Yes, if you are not satisfied the decision is correct you can make an appeal though the online form.

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