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Occupation prohibited by law

If a property cannot be occupied as it has been prohibited by law, that dwelling is exempt as long as the prohibition stands.

Serious Disrepair Notice (which will prohibit occupation)

A property which has a Serious Disrepair Notice which prevents occupation will remain exempt until the notice is lifted. This exemption shall remain even if the property is occupied for any period whilst the notice is in place.

Compulsory Purchase Order

It is also exempt if it is being kept unoccupied because legal action is underway to prohibit its occupation or to acquire it under a compulsory purchase order. In these circumstances, if the dwelling is actually occupied then it will not qualify for the exemption.

Demolition Order (please note this is different to a demolition warrant which is not valid for this exemption)

A property owned by a Housing Body/Association which has a Demolition Order in place will qualify for exemption. If the dwelling is actually occupied then it will not qualify for the exemption. Official documentation showing that the occupation of the property is prohibited by law will need to be provided.

How to apply

You need to apply in writing for this exemption.

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