Apply for a school place

You now need to apply for primary and secondary school places online. You need to do this whether you are applying to start school for the first time or applying to move between schools. 

Only a parent or legal guardian can apply for a place at a school on behalf of their child. You should submit one application for each child. If you are applying for more than one school, you can do this on the same application form. 

Young people over school leaving age (usually 16) with the capacity to do so need to apply for their own place. Parents or guardians can't do this on their behalf.  

If you want your child to start school in the August term, you’ll need to apply by Friday 13 March 2020. If you apply after the deadline we will not be able to assess your application until all of those we have received on time are completed.

If you want your child to start school at any other time, you can apply at any time throughout the year and we will deal with your application as soon as possible. 

Before you apply online, you will need to set up an account. This is so you can track the progress of your application.

You will need to provide us with evidence of where you live, your child’s birth certificate and any other information specific to your case. You can upload these to the form when you apply. We will accept photographs of documents as long as we can see the whole document clearly.

Find your local school

Every household is located in a school zone. You can enter your postcode on our school zone map to find your Zoned School.  

Which schools to apply to

Most children go to their Zoned School. You have the right to apply for a place at any school in Aberdeen City, but if you do not apply for your Zoned School we can't guarantee you a place there. We advise that you apply for both your Zoned School and your preferred school. You can apply to as many schools as you wish.

Get help or contact us

If you need help completing the online application form, you can go to your local library where someone will be happy to help you use one of the computers to apply online or with scanning/photographing evidence.

For more information please email the Customer Applications team on

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