Gaelic in the early years

See the Gaelic medium education page for more information about nursery education in Gaelic.

Pàrant is Pàiste Obar Dheathain (0-5 bliadhnaichean)
Gaelic Parent and Child Group (0 - 5 years)

Pàrant is Pàiste Beag is Mòr provide an introduction to Gaelic for babies and young children, from birth up to five years old, through enabling play opportunities. They meet every Wednesday and Friday morning at Sunnybank Community Centre and have a mixture of Gaelic speakers and non-Gaelic speakers in the group. There is also a group for 3-5 year olds on Thursday afternoons.

Contact or see the Pàrant is Pàiste Obar Dheathain Facebook page.


Did you know that Bookbug speaks Gaelic too?

The Scottish Book Trust work in partnership with the Scottish Government to provide free Gaelic Bookbug Bags to hundreds of families across Scotland. Gaelic Bookbug Bags are available to all families with an interest in Gaelic, whether or not you are a Gaelic-speaking home or your child attends a Gaelic school.

Please email if you would like to receive a Gaelic Bookbug bag. See the Scottish Book Trust website for more information about the bags.

See the Bookbug sessions in Aberdeen page for dates and times of Gaelic sessions.

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