We carry out all types of bird proofing and cleaning work. We can:

  • Clean all bird droppings from the property.
  • Disinfect all areas using approved disinfection for bird droppings.
  • Bird proof areas of entry using bird netting, bird spikes, or bird gel.

We have a lifting platform and scaffolding that can be used to safely clean and bird proof balconies, roofs and other elevated areas. All our pest control officers are fully trained in bird treatment methods and trained to work at heights.

Solar panels provide an ideal warm and secure environment for pigeons and other birds to nest and roost. This can cause damage to your roof, problems with the panel’s electrical system and is a fire risk. We can bird proof around the panels, using specially designed mesh wire and clips to prevent access. This will not damage the solar panels and can be easily removed to service the panels.

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