Report public health issues

You can use the link on this form to report the following public health issues:

  • Drainage
  • Rubbish accumulation
  • Private water supplies
  • Blue/green algae
  • Other unspecified public health problems

Defective drainage

Defective drainage in the street, outwith the boundary of a property, must be reported to Scottish Water. Scottish Water are responsible for all drainage, sewers and water supply outside the bounds of a property, except street gullies.

Blocked gullies can be reported to the Roads service.

Drainage serving a property is the joint responsibility of all owners.

If you are a council tenant or you live in a block of flats where the majority are Council owned, you can report issues of defective drainage to the Housing Repairs service.

If you are not a council tenant you can report defective drainage to the Envirnmental Health service. An officer will investigate within two working days if the issue is affecting the outside of your property. Issues affecting the inside of a property will be treated as an emergency and investigated as soon as possible.

Rubbish on private land

Dumping rubbish on public land is flytipping. Please report this to us to we can deal with it. 

If rubbish is dumped on private land, it is the owner's responsibility. We can only deal with rubbish on private land if it would be considered a 'statutory nuisance'. Items which will degrade over time and cause odours or attract flies or vermin (for example food waste or nappies) would be considered a statutory nuisance.

Items such as builders' rubble, furniture or white goods are not considered a statutory nuisance, so we are unable to take any action. If you are concerned that such items may be a fire risk or block escape routes you should contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

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