ImportantDue to the system processing for the new Council Tax bills for 2021/22 the Council Tax and Benefits Self Service will not be available from 6.30pm on Friday 5 March until 5pm on Thursday 11 March.  

What is a complaint?

A complaint is described as an expression of dissatisfaction regarding our actions, or lack of action, or the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf.

Examples of complaints we can consider include:

  • delays in responding to your enquiries and requests
  • failure to provide a service
  • our standard of service
  • council policy
  • treatment by or attitude of a member of staff
  • our failure to follow proper procedure

What is not a complaint?

There are some topics that we can't consider as a complaint, such as:

  • a first-time service request, including housing repairs
  • requests for compensation or insurance claims
  • issues that are covered by a right of appeal, including:
    • Penalty Charge Notices and Bus Lane Fines
    • a housing offer or level of priority given to your application
    • the Council Tax banding for your property
    • planning application decisions, please visit Planning Application Appeals for advice
  • a recruitment decision, please email or call 01224 523939
  • private hire vehicles or taxis, please email or call 01224 522878 or 522879

If you contact us about an issue we can't consider as a complaint, we will direct you to the correct department.

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