Request a council house repair

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this difficult period, we are experiencing significant pressures and need to prioritise the services we deliver.  Therefore, only emergency housing repairs will be carried out at present. 
Please only report an emergency when there is an immediate danger to your health and safety, or serious damage to the property. 
If you require an emergency repair at any time of the day or night, please telephone 03000 200 292.


As a tenant of Aberdeen City Council, we are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure of the property you live in. This includes all pipes, wiring, fixtures and fittings for heating, drainage, power and lighting, all the external parts and any internal fixtures and fittings originally provided by us.

As a tenant, you also have certain general responsibilities:

  • To take precautions to prevent damage once a repair fault has been identified and to report it to us promptly.
  • To repair damage caused by you, members of your household or any visitors.
  • To maintain any appliances you have installed, such as a fire, shower, cooker, etc.
  • To report any criminal damage or vandalism to the police.

Request an emergency repair

If you require an emergency repair at any time of the day or night:

  • Phone 03000 200 292

An emergency repair is required for issues which threaten the tenant’s (or someone else’s) safety or have the potential to cause significant damage to the fabric of the building, such as a gas leak or severe water leak, total failure of a central heating system, structural faults to roofs or walls. Works to make property secure or prevent further damage, such as broken window glass, burst pipes, loss of water, gas or electric supply. 

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