Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report

The equality outcomes are used to measure the council's progress in making Aberdeen a fairer and more equitable city. They have been drafted with extensive engagement from community groups and forums, as well as local and national research. 

Aberdeen City Council equality outcomes (2017-21)

The generic equality outcomes for all Aberdeen City Council's services are:

  • EO 1: We have engaged and committed leaders, with the council and partners working together to reduce inequality, remove barriers and promote a culture of respect.
  • EO 2: We have a clear action plan in place to deliver a human rights based culture within Aberdeen City Council.
  • EO 3: Older people and younger people have an empowered, actively involved community voice.
  • EO 4: Physical and social barriers are removed for those with a disability to access services and public space.
  • EO 5: We have in place support for BSL users to access services, information on services and to be involved in making improvements for the deaf and deaf/blind communities.
  • EO 6: There is learning provision and accommodation in place to meet the needs of Gypsy/ Traveller families.
  • EO 7: Aberdeen is a city of sanctuary with positive relations amongst Aberdeen’s diverse communities, where everyone is welcome and respected, regardless of religion, belief or background.
  • EO 8: In Aberdeen there is a culture in which women's lives, opportunities and confidence are improved.
  • EO 9: Aberdeen is an LGBT+ friendly city where LGBT+ communities can confidently express their identity and views.

Employment equality outcomes (2017-21)

The employment equality outcome is:

  • EO 1: Aberdeen City Council - a fair employer
    The two actions that sit below this equality outcome are:
    1.  We will maintain a diverse workforce and a culture that is free from unlawful discrimination and;
    2.  Achieve and maintain pay equality within the workforce.

Education Authority equality outcomes (2017-21)

A summary of the equality outcomes for the Education Authority are:

  • EO 1: Children and young people with a disability and their families are supported and included enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  • EO 2: Pre-birth children (unborn babies) at risk due to issues that parents are dealing with such as; mental health, substance use and domestic abuse are identified at an earlier stage.
    Vulnerable pregnant women are identified and supported at an early stage.
  • EO 3: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) children and young people feel safe, respected and included in school.
  • EO 4: All children and young people in Aberdeen have an understanding of their rights and develop the ethos and culture to improve well-being and develop every child's talents and abilities to their full potential.
  • EO 5: External Cultural/Arts organisations who receive investment from Aberdeen City Council actively promote and engage with those with protected characteristics in designing, planning and delivering activity.

The mainstreamed equality principles

So that the equality outcomes from 2015-17 do not get lost or diluted as we set our proposed new equality outcomes, these have been mainstreamed into the "way we work around here". These will become our best practice principles. To help mainstream this approach and to promote these principles, we propose a network of Equality Ambassadors across the organisation.

The mainstreamed equality principles are:

  • An engaged community
  • An informed community
  • An accessible city
  • A safe community
  • Equality and diversity welcomed and celebrated
  • Services understand and take into consideration Protected Characteristics specifications – trained staff and robust EHRIAs

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