Pre-application advice

Pre-application advice is a non-statutory procedure provided by our planning teams and is available to anyone wishing to carry out development in Aberdeen.

Pre-application advice ensures we can make an initial assessment to share known perspectives and objectives before you make any costly commitments in terms of time, resources and assets. To be productive pre-application advice needs commitment from all parties with the understanding that all our resources are finite.

The need for pre-application advice will not be necessary in every instance and we will take a proportionate approach based upon the nature and scope of the proposal.

COVID-19 – Impact on Pre-Application Advice Service

Please note that due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, we unfortunately cannot have face-to-face meetings in-person. We can, however, facilitate meetings using Microsoft Teams and be contact by both phone and email.

We also unfortunately cannot process pre-application enquiries which are sent via post. Please visit COVID-19 - Impact on Planning and Building Standards Service for the latest information regarding the impact on the planning service. 

Please read the pre-application advice procedure before you submit a pre-application enquiry. 

Please download, complete and submit the form below to make the enquiry. 

You can email the form to 

Please note:

  • We can't provide pre-application advice for specific proposals over the telephone.
  • We acknowledge that there may be limitations on the pre-application advice we can offer in respect of specialised development proposals.
  • We reserve the right not to continue pre-application advice which is not entered into cordially or objectively.
  • Any evaluation of the proposal does not compromise any decision made by Aberdeen City Council and its Committees and the advice is not legally binding on the determination of a forthcoming planning application.
  • Pre-application advice may be subject to third party requests made under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

We will acknowledge receipt of the completed Pre-Application Advice Request Form within 5 working days. This acknowledgement will confirm what kind of pre-application advice we can provide: a written statement and/or pre-application meetings.

We will provide the written statement within 20 working days. If we need longer to respond we will inform you why there will be a delay and when you can expect the written statement. 

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